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Autentica Comida Costena Hondurena - Autentica Comida Garifuna

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Camarones Al Ajio
Carne Ala Plancha
Pescado Frito
Picada De 4
Pollo Saltiado Y Pollo

"You don't know what you're missing. This is such a treat! The Pollo Chuco is absolutely mouthwatering, it comes with some type of creamy orange sauce that makes you believe in Jesus. The tamarind drink is so delicious, too, right balance of sweet and tart."

Mary M.


"I moved to FL a few months ago. Although I am American born, my family are all from Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and so on. So I always loved going out to reach into my Hispanic roots and have some food. I’ve been experiencing with some Honduran restaurants near me, and this one is by far the best one. Great food. And the workers are very down to earth and lovely."

Katerine C.


"Great place! Inexpensive, food is awesome. The owners are very welcoming, sweet and humble. I really recommend this restaurant. I tried baleadas, which are huge! Seafood soup and tacos yummm everything’s was delicious!"

Ileana G.

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